That’s where I come in.  My name is Joy, and I am your Wedding Planner.  From the day we meet, it’s my job to be intimately familiar with every detail of your wedding. Yes, from that very first rose petal hitting the runner to that very last drop of champagne leaving its flute, and everything that happens in-between.  I work through the process with you so that on your big day, I am the one working to make sure everything is perfect and on schedule.
My toolkit:
·       Extremely well organized
·       Pro-active
·       Detail oriented
·       Compassionate
·       Vendor relations
·       Easy to work with
These traits are but a small sampling of who I am and what I bring to your wedding.  My goal is to make your day as beautiful and memorable as it can be.  I am interested in you and want to understand your vision for your wedding.  Whether your wedding is next weekend, next month or a year down the road.  How can I help you bring your vision to life?

Email me and let’s start the journey.



A Wedding.  The beautiful expression of commitment and loyalty between two people, ceremoniously performed before friends and family.  There is no other event so revered, or that brings such fond memories in all who witness.  Memories that last a lifetime.
Your wedding day.  You want your wedding day to be perfect.  You want everything to be exactly as planned.  Every detail, from the rose petals on the runner to the last drop of champagne should fall exactly where, and when, it’s supposed to.
The reality is; there are no weddings that fall into that category on their own.  Not to say that the wedding wasn’t fabulously memorable and exactly what the Bride and Groom wanted.  It just means that someone had to react, and adjust, so that the Bride and Groom could focus on each other on their special day.

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